Eastern Construction knows that each individual team member is an integral asset contributing to our collective rise to success. As our team grows and takes on new challenges, our open and collaborative leadership philosophy allows for regular recognition and appreciation of every team member.

We recognize our outstanding team members with awards that allow their exceptional qualities to shine through:

[collapse collapsed title=Safety Leadership Award]

Eastern Construction recognizes that being a leader in promoting health and safety is not only about having a clear safety record; it is about education and attitude.

Our proactive approach to safety ensures we provide ongoing education opportunities in both technical safety knowledge, and in the leadership skills that drive our safety culture.
How our supervisors interact with all project stakeholders on the jobsite is just as important. We take a collaborative approach to managing our safety program.


[collapse collapsed title=Core Values Award]

This is awarded to an employee who most personifies Eastern Construction’s Core Values:

Innovation- Excels at developing innovative strategies and/or drawing out the creative ideas of others to foster teamwork and operational effectiveness.
Open Communication and Integrity– Relates well to all kinds of people by managing diverse relationships; builds rapport using diplomacy, tact and professionalism.
Integrity – Is widely trusted and builds trust with all stakeholders by:

  • Being fair and honest
  • Acting professionally
  • Fostering mutual respect

Teamwork – Works collaboratively within and outside the organization and works to unite the different elements of the group/department/project.


[collapse collapsed title=Eastern Sportsmanship Award]

At Eastern Construction, we work hard and play hard. Through our many sporting events, our employees get a chance to let off some steam by playing in healthy competitions.

MVP – The most valuable player is an Eastern employee who brings the team together, works diligently and consistently. They support the team, and lead by example and take both winning and losing in stride.
MIP – The most improved player is an Eastern employee who has put forth 100% effort, with a demonstrated willingness to learn or improve while possessing team spirit.


[collapse collapsed title=Service Quality Award]

This award is granted to an employee who excels at delivering the type of exemplary customer service for which Eastern Construction is known.

They embrace our mission to lead the construction process through an empowered team of experienced, motivated employees, striving to exceed our clients’ expectations.


[collapse collapsed title=Giving Back Award]

This award recognizes an Eastern employee who demonstrates passion and commitment to a charitable organization by giving his or her time outside of the organization as a volunteer, coach or mentor.


[collapse collapsed title=Years of Service Award]

Eastern Construction’s Years of Service Awards are granted when an employee has been an active part of our team for five years, then again at milestone career anniversaries to follow.