Eastern Construction breathes new life into pre-existing buildings, infusing modern comforts and security through renovations while also channeling visionary thinking into new construction to help shape the future of metropolitan skylines.

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[collapse collapsed title=Office Buildings]

Eastern Construction has had a hand in constructing buildings that make up some of Canada’s most recognized metropolitan skylines.

We inspire client confidence with our expert ability to connect breakthrough concepts with construction for high-level commerce.

To see how Eastern is building business landscapes, please view our project gallery.


[collapse collapsed title=Retail & Shopping Centres]

Eastern Construction has fashioned retail facilities in over 100 shopping centre projects across Canada. As one of the largest contractors in this market sector, we have created shopping malls of over one million square feet, and have worked with such retail giants as Sears and Walmart.

To see how Eastern is transforming the consumer shopping experience, please view our project gallery.


[collapse collapsed title=Education Buildings]

Eastern Construction has envisioned thought-provoking, award-winning learning environments for almost every university campus in Ontario. Projects include buildings for residence, libraries and instruction. Our passion for this sector also extends to elementary and high school construction, renovations and retrofits.

To find out how Eastern is creating educational facilities to enhance learning, please view our project gallery.



[collapse collapsed title=Entertainment Complexes]

Eastern Construction continues to inspire creativity by sculpting the future of entertainment facilities with complex and unusual design elements. The facilities vary from cinemas and casinos to horseracing tracks and theatres.

To see how Eastern is making its mark in the entertainment sector, please view our project gallery.


[collapse collapsed title=Public Buildings]

Eastern Construction's ability to successfully bid for contracts within a competitive environment is evident in the number of high profile public building projects we have been awarded. These projects include art galleries, libraries, city halls, airports and concert halls.

To learn more about some of the ways Eastern is shaping the future of public building construction, please view our project gallery.


[collapse collapsed title=Health Care Facilities]

Eastern Construction consistently creates new possibilities for health care facilities, through major renovations and/or new construction. During construction, we take special care not to disrupt day-to-day operations.

Project success is achieved when there is a minimum amount of impact for the health care facility during construction, and a marked positive influence on patient care once completed.

To view a selection of projects where new, functional spaces were brought to life for the health care sector, please view our project gallery.


[collapse collapsed title=Restorations and Special Projects]

Eastern Construction has been renovating and restoring life in pre-existing and historical buildings for over 60 years. Much of this work requires special considerations and the need to work during off-peak hours.

Among the clients for whom we have done renovations and tenant fit-ups are Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation, Woodbine Entertainment Group, University of Toronto, Toronto Reference Library, as well as many of the major Canadian banking institutions.

To see how we are addressing the specialized needs of this market sector, please view our project gallery.


[collapse collapsed title=Hotels and Residential]

Eastern Construction instils modern comfort and security in every residential apartment, condominium, student residence and hotel we construct with the needs of the end user in mind.
To view a selection of our project successes in the residential sector, please view our project gallery.