Considered one of Toronto's most modern police stations, the 51 Division police station constructed for the Toronto Police Service boasts 48,000 sq. ft. of space with a 17,800 sq. ft parking deck. The facility houses administrative, police training, physical training and forensic investigation functions. In addition, secure detention cells and interview rooms were included complete with surveillance and security systems typically found in prison facilities. The project involved the restoration of a Toronto Gas Company (later Consumers Gas) gas purification building (heritage site). The construction consisted of a new building within the heritage shell and a new addition, which extended beyond the existing heritage building.


  • Award of Merit in the 32nd annual Heritage Toronto Architectural Conservation & Craftsmanship Category, 2006
  • Toronto Construction Association (TCA) “Best of the Best” Project Achievement Award - Medium Project Category, 2004
  • Toronto Urban Design Awards - Award of Excellence, 2007

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